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The Apps on this page are Excel Spreadsheet based.

That means less learning so you can get straight on with saving time.


These apps will as good as eliminate your fixture & competition workload.


MICROSOFT EXCEL 2007 OR LATER (Including Office 365 Home editions)



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Make planning your Winter season Easier than Ever...

Real Time Response to detail changes and Automatic Scoreboard & Automatic League Tables (Sorted and organised for easy print and web publishing)


Apps are £120 each. Click here to purchase or for further info



EasyFx Advanced Round Robin 2022

Forget the maths, just Click!

 Real time response to Team, Round or Rink changes provides instant summary fixtures so you can easily check timeframe and easily incorporate play breaks for those weeks when no play is expected.


EasyFx Advanced Knockouts 2022

Just like the other... Forget the maths, Just Click!

Graphically overhauled and functionally streamlined, it looks better, works better and delivers better.

Will create knockout fixtures for upto 128 teams/competitors with Real Time feedback on Round Distribution numbers so you'll know exactly where you are right from the start.


EasyFx Advanced Scorebooks 2022





Advanced Round Robin


Forget the maths, just Click!


Real time response to Team, Round or Rink changes provides instant summary fixtures so you can easily check timeframe and easily incorporate play breaks for those weeks when no play is expected.




Just a few quick steps to an easily manageable league...


1. Enter a name for the Fixtures File

The fixtures file will store fixtures for as many leagues as you need to create.

TIP. Use a seperate fixtures file for each season's leagues.

2. Select Day of Play, Start Date and Start Time

With Day of Play selected, only dates that correspond to that day are offered for selection so choosing start date is easy, quick and safe.

Once entered, these settings are immediately reflected in the summary fixtures to give an instant guide to league timing.

Finish Date is automatically displayed.

3. Set Rinks Available & Rinks In Use

Rinks Available should be the maximum rinks available to play on.

'Rinks From' & 'Rinks To' should identifythe particular rinks this league will play on.

NB. When rinks in use are greater than required for the number of teams playing, matches are dispersed across the identified rinks. 

4. Enter League Name

League Name uniquely identifies the fixtures you are creating. The system will create a seperate spreadsheet for each league name and locate them all in one file named with the Filename you entered above.

5. Enter Number of Teams & Rounds

As you enter Teams & Rounds, the summary fixtures will respond giving you a clear view of dates and timing. 


You'll see instantly if you can fit another team or another round into the available timescale.

6. Select Scoring Format

Your choices of scoring format are Standard and 2 Sets.

To set the point values awarded for win/draw/loss just enter them or accept the default values. Defaults can be restored with a click.


These settings are incorporated into the scoreboard fixtures and enable the league table to function.

7. Produce fixture for scoring and other formats for printing & distribution

Click on your choice to produce fixtures. You can produce some/all or none of the offered fixtures spreadsheets.

'Sc Sheet' produces the scoreboard and league table.

Scores entered into the score slots will be automatically collected by the league table.

The 'Plr Sheet' option provides the standard fixtures grid alongwith a team rotation grid for each participating team.


Advanced Knockouts


The maths involved for knockouts is different from that of Round Robin but it's equally cumbersome and awkward. So forget that... JUST CLICK !



Just a few quick steps to an easily manageable league...


The 'Fixtures' option provides two fixtures layouts particularly suited to display on noticeboards.

The remaining option 'Compr' provides another alternative layout of fixtures for display or desk use.

1. Enter Details

A unique name that identifies the competition.


Start Date

Enter or select a date from the calendar.

Event Title

A unique name that specifically identifies this competition. NB you can create multiple competitions and store all of them in one filename.

No Teams

Enter the number of participating teams.

NB. Enter the actual number. The system will calculate and display the additional 'BYE' teams required.

2. Enter Names

3. Generate Knockouts

Team Names

When no team names are entered, the system will produce matches based on the letter/number identification option selected.

The summary display will show a clear view of knockout schedule. All matches upto and including the Final are included. If you have entered play by dates for each round, they are displayed alongside the round title.

4. Produce Knockouts

When satisfied with the knockout schedule, choose one or more of the options for production/printout. Each of these options will be produced as an individual spreadsheet within the file named in the Filename setting.


Advanced Scorebooks


Four scorecards per A4 page, displayed for easy printing & collating... JUST CLICK !